Artist: Lauren Tate   

Album: Songs For Sad Girls  

Release Date: 06/09/19 

Label: Trash Queen Records (Independent) 

Genre: Sad Pop / Alternative

Location: South Yorkshire, UK

Producer: Lauren Tate

Mastered: John Davis, Metropolis Studios

Written/Lyrics: Lauren Tate

For fans of: P!nk, Sia, Lana Del Rey, Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, Soko,

PJ Harvey, Lorde, Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple, Amanda Palmer + Joss Stone

Pisces baby born 1997, Lauren Tate is a singer-songwriter, producer, director and artist from South Yorkshire, England. Growing up the eldest of three, Tate was a secondary school dropout, writing and self producing music from her bedroom from the age of 15. Delving into many musical genres singing both

hard-rock/grunge-punk in her current band 'Hands Off Gretel', Tate most recently stripped back to a softer more raw Americana sad-pop sound with her first solo album in 5 years 'Songs For Sad Girls'.


Set to release 'Songs For Sad Girls' on 20th September on her own label Trash Queen Records (Uk), Tate recorded and self-produced 11 of the 14 tracks in her home studio. 'I planned to get my album produced by someone when I could afford it, but there was a certain magic and honesty captured in my recordings that I knew would really move people. My lyrics are honest and brutal with songs about domestic abuse, body image, feminism and fear of dying. I wanted it to sound like a girl writing in her diary, unapologetic and imperfect like real girls are'.  

'What About The Kids' is the 2nd single from the debut album due for release on the 30th August alongside a new music video directed by Lauren. ''The song is from a child's point of view speaking to her father addressing gun violence in America. I wanted the song to highlight issues around gun control and the importance of children's future in a world where nobody is listening to them. I wrote this song to sing for those that won't ever get the chance to do so'.  Lauren not only self produced and recorded all instruments on her debut album she designed all the album artwork and merchandise too. Described by BBC Introducing presenter Christian Carlisle as a 'One Woman Record label'. 



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