LIMITED EDITION Full Colour 48 Page Zine (ISSUE 1) written/Illustrated by Lauren Tate in 2017. This zine is filled with my stories, thoughts, lyrics, pictures and many many drawings. From the girl in a rising grunge/alt rock band to the world outside of her bedroom I wrote this zine all about my influences, my demons, my fears and self doubt. I talk female empowerment and encouragement from girl to girl, to boy, to anyone who feels the same way really and theres also a lot of fans featured in this zine after i got people to ask me questions online (YOU MIGHT BE IN THIS ZINE). This zine is perfect for anyone starting a band, wanting to get advise or anyone feeling lonely and wanting to relate. 
48 Pages
Full Colour 


48 Page Full Colour 'Grrrl Zine' First Issue!


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