x4 Signed CD Bundle!

All the Lauren Tate original releases together!

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x3 CD Bundle includes:

  • Signed 'Songs For Sad Girls' 2019 14 Track Self Produced CD Album
  • Signed 'Bedroom Sessions' 2016 11 Track Album
  • Signed 'My Reflection' 2014 first 5 track EP 
  • Signed 'Trapped In My Skin' 2014 Limited Edition Single Release



About this album: 'Songs For Sad Girls' is a majority self-produced 14 track album by Lauren Tate, featuring studio recorded version of previous demo 'He Wanted More'. The album is made up of sad-pop, soft rock blues songs with overtones of retro 1950's Americana. Tate's vocals on these tracks are both husky and understated with emotional soaring high notes and powerful rasp, with the lyrical content addressing both heartbreak, celebrity and female empowerment.

x4 Signed CD Bundle!

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